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The arfi-dac2xt is a DA-converter with expanded pre-amp functionality. It is our new benchmark for the enjoyment of music at the highest level. Two digital inputs, modular set-up, one of which is for the "arfi-optical": our sophisticated connection to a computer or streamer via USB using optical cables. High-quality, remote-controllable volume level via IR and motor potentiometer. The analogue signal processing is continuously balanced. Executed with short and simple signal paths for true audiophiles, built with the best components. The heart of the output stage of the DAC is made up of two large high-quality transformers, fed by a total of eight converter outputs. You can opt for an additional transformer balanced analogue input that can be switched to the regulated outputs instead of the internal DAC. The analogue inputs and outputs are equipped with a balanced XLR and an unbalanced Cinch. The most important new feature in the digital section, an improvement on the arfi-dac2, is a further development of the clocking circuit. We call it arfi-femto-reclocking, which on the whole increases the clocking precision even more and is raised to similar values for conventional digital sources, which is usually only achievable with internally generated clocking.

The arfi-dac2xt focuses on one central task, just like all of our previous AD and DA converters – genuine conversion between digital and analog – and the new analog section continues this philosophy. The result is a clearly delineated image of transients and at the same time tonal purity and a full, round basic sound. Fine musical details, their ambient and emotions have seldom been so audible, but the important this is: listening to music is simply an unbelievable pleasure. This is the enjoyment of music true to artistic fidelity: natural sound, artistic, compelling and emotionally moving music playback!